Wooden Keepsake Box and USB

Wooden Keepsake Box + USB

With all of our full day wedding packages one wooden keepsake box with USB is included, if for any reason a client is unable to use a USB we can often work out some digital download options also. We’ve so far found a USB to be the perfect option for viewing and priting from, the USB included is capable of storing all the high-res images on ready for printing/albums/canvases etc and there’s enough space for some smaller websharp images so you can email to friends and family, and share on facebook and instagram etc

If you have any questions about our boxes, please use the contact form and get in touch.

We are also looking to add a optional extra ‘parents’ box to our wedding packages this year, with 1 extra keepsake box + USB for £150 or 2 for £225. Much like your own box it will contain a USB with the entire wedding on and a selection of prints.